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  Mylaps Sports Timing is the leader in scoring motocross races in the U.S. and across the world.  Together with Trackside Software, the Mylaps MX Transponder has become the "standard" for scoring motocross.  See your options below for purchasing a personal MX Transponder.    

TR2 Transponder by MYLAPS
The MYLAPS TR2 Transponder has the same great quality design and durability as the Classic MX transponder and can be used at any event where the Flex or Classic MX transponder is used.  You can use your smart phone to manage the subscription on your transponder via the Speedhive app.
  The MYLAPS X2 FLEX Transponder  
  AMA Members get 20% off initial purchase.  Log onto your AMA account for details and discount code.

Manage subscriptions for your TR2 transponder by logging into your Speedhive app on your phone.

Download the Speedhive App from the App Store or Play Store.
  Racers can use a "pay as you go" scale to activate the transponder for a variety of yearly increments.  When you place an order for a TR2 Transponder, you must select the number of years you want to start with.  Racers are able to manage additional subscription purchases on their Mylaps.com account.

  * 5 year Activation/Subscription costs about $40 per year  
  * 2 year Activation/Subscription costs about $50 per year
* 1 year Activation/Subscription costs about $65 per year

If you have a MYLAPS Flex transponder ( pictured below, bottom of transponder is white ), it will expire at some point and you will need to re-activate it so that it will continue to work.  You do not  have to wait for your transponder to stop working before you re-activate it, you can add more time to your transponder at any time.  A visible indication that your transponder has expired is that the light on the front of your transponder will blink red very quickly whether it is on the charger or off.
Log into your Mylaps.com account and register your transponder if you have not done so yet.  Find your transponder and click RENEW transponder.  You can select the number of years you want to add to the re-activation of your transponder.  The more years you add at one time, the greater your savings will be.

The Tran-X Flex Transponder Download and install the Flex Manager Software from the Mylaps web page.  After you install this software, connect the transponder and charger to your PC using the USB cable.  This software will tell you the expiration date of your transponder.  Click the ACTIVATE button in the software to re-activate your transponder from your subscription order in Step 1.


  The Flex Manager software gives you a "smart" way to manage your transponder.  It is free to download the Flex Manager software.  You will need to do this when you have a Flex Transponder.  You will not believe how easy it is to use this software.  Here is what you can do with Flex Manager:

1. Activate your transponder so that you may start using it
2. Verify the Expiration Date on your current activation
3. Verify the amount of charge on the battery
4. Add more time to your transponder when it is about to expire

See Flex Manager User Interface
  Flex Manager Quick Start Guide FAQs
  Read the FLEX User's Guide or visit the MYLAPS web page for more information on the timing products offered by MYLAPS.

How to return your rented transponder.   Transponder Warranty

If you left the race and did not return your transponder, you have the option to keep your rented transponder and make it yours.  Your transponder can still be used by you for the rest of the year.  Just keep charging it when you need it, if you did not get a charger with your transponder, call us to have one sent to you.  The rented transponder will expire at the end of the year and you can download the Flex Manager software and add more time to it.

Of course you can still get a full return on your deposit if you mail it back to us and have the package postmarked by the  Friday after the event.  Twenty dollars will be deducted from your deposit for each weekend that you keep your transponder after the event.

  • It is best to send via UPS Ground Delivery. 
  • Do NOT require a signature. 
  • Return your mounting clip too.
  • Return all charging equipment you received
  • Include your return address if you are having a check mailed back to you.
  • Credit Card users will see the refund on their card.

201 Arabian Lane
Washington PA 15301

  Your MYLAPS Transponder is covered by a three year warranty.  If you have any trouble with your transponder, you can go to www.mylaps.com for warranty coverage and directions to return your transponder.

Your Flex Transponder is always covered under warranty as long as you have subscribed to keep it activated.  Your Flex transponder also has insurance for damage.  If you damage your Flex Transponder, you can return it for a replacement once every three years.

Consider the MYLAPS Sports Timing system for your track
Your track can use the same software and hardware that is used to score races such as Loretta Lynn's, Spring Classic at Mill Creek, GNC Final at Oak Hill and the Mini O's.        Contact us @

MYLAPS Sports Timing
2030 Powers Ferry Road SE, Ste 110
Atlanta, GA 30339
1.678.816.4000 ext 3298


Special events to use your Mylaps transponder
  • Supercross Amateur Day
  • BajaBrawl
  • Freestone Spring Championship
  • Daytona Amateur Supercross
  • National Endurocross Series
  • Spring Classic at Mill Creek
  • Loretta Lynn Regional Qualifiers
  • Loretta Lynn Amateur National
  • Mammoth Motocross
  • Winter Olympics ( Mini O's)
  • ATVA National ATV Motocross Series

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