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Race Results, Lap Times and Series Points.   Trackside Software does it all! 
Designed specifically for Race Promoters, Trackside is the only software you need for your motocross data entry, transponder scoring and points keeping.  You already know what Trackside can do for your race event, when you add on our  transponder scoring system, here are a few more things Trackside will do for you.     
  • give you immediate, accurate race results

  • allow for a data feed to an announcer pc showing live race results

  • show live race results on a single TV screen or multiple TV screens

  • create lap time reports from each race or practice session

  • show your lap times on the web

               Did you know:
that over 97% of all motocross tracks in the United States use Trackside Software?
Go to www.tracksidesoftware.com for more information on the basics of Trackside Software. 

Racers print their own lap times!
Trackside offers an add-on software package FREE for any promoter using the Trackside Transponders.  This software allows the racer to come to a touch screen computer and enter their transponder id number.  The software then prints out the practice lap times and race results with lap times for all classes the racer is in.  This makes it easy for the racers to compare their lap times to everyone else on the track with them.

Training Videos
Initial Setup and Event Setup Shows how to set up your first event and get started after installing.
Registration of racers Learn how to enters racers on the SignUp tab in MylapsTrackside.
Managing Transponder IDs  This video will show you all the different ways to manage the transponder id values in MylapsTrackside.
Transponder Scoring Preferences Important Settings to review before scoring
Intro to Transponder Scoring The basics of using MylapsTrackside with Transponders

Mylaps Trackside Software - Software to run the transponder scoring system
Mylaps Trackside Manual - Manual to cover basic functions in the software, see scoring manual below for transponder scoring.
Transponder Scoring Manual -  Includes instructions for running the scoring system in Trackside.
Mylaps Decoder Manual - Mylaps issued manual for the decoder
Mylaps Decoder Practice -  This manual is used for setting up a decoder to feed practice laps
Heats and Divisions for Dummies - Detailed instructions for creating Heats in Mylaps Trackside
Speedhive App Feed - Sends Live data to the Speedhive App - Quick Start Guide
XML Uploader - Used for sending XML to live timing page